Recent Review Documentation

Url: /api/(API Version)/TransportReviews/RecentReviews/(CompanyId)?key=(API Key)
Example: /api/v1/TransportReviews/RecentReviews/3338?key=
ReviewIdInt32Unique Identifier of the Review.
CompanyNameStringCompany Name the Review was written about.
ReviewerRatingInt32Rating the Reviewer gave for the Review.
ReviewSubjectStringSubject of the Review
reviewStringBody of the Review
ReviewerNameStringName of the reviewer
dateaddedDateTimeThe Date the review was added to the database.
agoStringHow long ago the review was posted.
allowcontactBooleanThis is a boolean for whether the reviewer wishes to be contacted.
bpaidBooleanThis is a boolean of whether the user was compensated for the review.
ResponseNameStringThe name of the Person who responded to the Review.
ResponseStringThe body of the Review Response.
ResponseAgoStringHow long ago the Response was posted.